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5 Facts About Me

I was recently told I need to get more ‘personal’, put myself out there more and share more about who I am. Being a private person, I sometimes find this hard to do. However, it’s time to step out of my comfort zone……well, maybe just a little at a time 😂 but it’s a start.

So here are some facts about me:

1: After 17 years of running an online art gallery selling artwork for other artists, I decided to sell it and focus on creating and selling my own artwork. This was a very difficult decision for me as I loved running the website; however, it was time to focus on my own work.

2: I’ve been teaching art classes for around 10 years now; it’s something I’ve always loved doing. I love to show others the process of painting, and it’s also a great way to keep me learning more and more. Some of my students have been with me for almost 10 years, and I’d consider them friends as well as students.

3: I love creating. I often draw when my children go to bed or paint during the day, and I have boxes of crafts that I let them get out any time of day; I’ve even had them out at 7 am before school and nursery.

4: I’ve been reading so much about mindset lately and listening to YouTube videos about mindset and how important it is. I think I’ve made this shift largely due to selling my business and making sure I’m prepared for the next steps, but I find it fascinating how much power our mind has over us. It’s also about being grateful for the small things in life we take for granted.

5: I love learning; literally every single day, I learn something. I’m sure my husband loves it when I start a new book or a new course, as I often bend his ear about it, lol! But I truly love to keep my brain active and learn all the time.

I hope that wasn’t too long, lol. I hadn’t planned on waffling quite so much, but there we are. I hope you know just a little more about me now. Please follow me on socials as I’d love to get to know a bit more about you too.

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