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5 things that will kill your creativity if you don’t change them

Stop these today, and you’ll instantly become a much better creative – I guarantee you!

1. Comparing yourself to others

I’ve been an artist for over 20 years, and I had to stop myself from doing this because it would have slowly driven me mad. There will always be someone better than you; that’s life. You have to focus on improving each day, week, or month. Look back on old work and see how far you’ve already come. Only compare yourself to you.

2. Thinking it will happen overnight

Learning any craft takes time, and I know how frustrating it is when you feel you’re not improving, but if you keep at it every day, you will slowly and surely improve. ‘The compound effect’ it all adds up.

3. Fear of Failure

Failure is part of everyday life, and it’s during failures that you often learn the most. Not every painting I create is a success, but I certainly don’t let that stop me from creating another one. I use these failed paintings as learning curves; each time I paint, I learn something and improve my skill.

4. Lack of Inspiration

Don’t just sit there waiting for inspiration to strike. You have to get out there and find it. Whether that be a stroll in the countryside, a look through your old photos, visiting a gallery, or even looking at other artists on social media. We all learn from each other, and there is nothing ‘new’ out of that, so go and seek the inspiration you need to get started.

5. Perfectionism

Striving for perfectionism will kill your creativity, and you’ll quickly become disheartened and frustrated. Yes, you want to produce good work, but obsessing over the small things will drive you crazy, and they are often a beautiful part of the work anyway.

Creativity is a muscle that needs regular exercise, be kind to yourself and as long as you are persistent and dedicated, you will get there. Being creative is a journey, and it’s a fun and full-filling journey if you allow it to be.

Happy painting!

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