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About Michelle Gibbs

For more than two decades, I have worked as a professional artist, sharing my passion for creativity with collectors from all corners of the globe. In addition to my own artistic practice, I am also an experienced art tutor, dedicated to helping others discover the joys of painting and the power of artistic expression. Furthermore, I run an online art gallery, providing a platform for other artists to showcase and sell their work.

I’m continually exploring human connections. I want to take the viewer on a journey through my use of vivid colour, expressive marks and form. My mixed-media art is about creating a visual experience of curiosity and encouraging a deeper appreciation of the beauty and complexity of the world around us.

Inspiration Behind My Art

As an artist, the world is breathtakingly beautiful and endlessly inspiring. I find that there is a wealth of beauty to be found in the tiniest of details, whether it be the way light falls on a surface, the intricate patterns of nature, or the expressions on people’s faces. My creative mission is to capture this beauty and use it as a means to inspire others. Through my art, I seek to evoke powerful emotions in viewers, using a vibrant and expressive palette of colours to create an immersive experience that invites contemplation and introspection. I hope that by sharing my vision of the world, I can help others to find beauty and inspiration in the small things that make life so rich and meaningful.

Where It Started

I’ve been creating from the moment I was able to hold a pencil, but the real journey began after my art education in my early 20s when I began selling my work. I quickly realised my passion and love for expressing myself on canvas, and the love has never faded. 

Throughout my artistic career, I have always represented myself and taken pleasure in connecting directly with my collectors on a personal level. The relationships I have forged with my collectors are as essential to me as the art I create, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with them. For me, creating art is a deeply personal and rewarding experience, and I look forward to continuing my journey as an artist for many years to come.

Artist & Art Educator

In addition to being an artist, I have a deep passion for teaching painting both in-person and online. It brings me immense joy to share my skills and foster a love for painting in others, enabling them to express themselves and discover their unique artistic voices. I prioritise individual growth and encourage each student to express themselves freely through their artwork. I firmly believe that art is a personal journey, and my role is to guide and support them in honing their skills while allowing them to find their own artistic path.

In my teaching approach, I never impose my style or way of working on my students. Instead, I strive to provide them with a diverse range of techniques, perspectives, and creative avenues. By presenting a variety of artistic possibilities, I empower my students to explore different methods and find the approach that resonates most with them. It’s about nurturing their own artistic voice and helping them develop their unique style.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with many dedicated students, some of whom have been part of my classes for over a decade. Witnessing their growth and witnessing their artistic journeys unfold brings me immense satisfaction. It’s a testament to the strong bonds that form within our creative community and the transformative power of art education.

My Other Art Sites

Art2Arts was an online art gallery that I founded and developed for over 17 years where I sold artwork for other artists. I’m passionate about sharing art by other professional creatives. In this gallery you can buy paintings online by other artists from around the world: I sold this business in 2023 to focus on attention on teaching others to paint.

Brush Flow is my online painting programme for anyone wishing to learn all the processes to creating successful painting. My online painting classes can be found here:

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.
-Wassily Kandinsky

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