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Welcome to the Apple Challenge

Which will you choose?

You have two options below. If you’re pressed for time, you might prefer the ‘study’ painting, which only takes 30 minutes. Alternatively, if you have more time, you could opt for the apple painting. Of course, you’re welcome to try both if you’d like.

Click on your choosen image below to be taken straight to the demonstration.

A Short Study

30 Minutes

This 30-minute study is a short introduction to my painting process, offering you a chance to ‘dip your toes’ into the experience, especially if you’re short on time. Please keep in mind that this is a ‘study’ and not a completed artwork.

Complete Painting

1.2 Hours

While this painting requires a bit more time, the investment is worthwhile. You’ll gain insight into how I establish a solid foundation at the beginning, which is crucial before gradually building up the layers.

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