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"Don't be afraid to start learning the joys of painting. Acrylic is a wonderful and versatile medium. I've been teaching students for over a decade and I'd love to help you to get started" Michelle Gibbs

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Nice to meet you, I’m Michelle Gibbs

Working together to achieve your goals and understand the marketing world and PPC. You will have complete guidance and support from me throughout all processes.

What My Students Say

"I would, certainly, grade Michelle's classes as 5 stars. Your knowledge of colour and techniques is very helpful."
Jenny Hartman
"I have learned so much about painting from Michells’s classes. Michelle’s knowledge of colour and painting techniques have really helped me develop my practice."
Vanessa McGlone
“I've been attending Michelle's art class since 2015. In that time, I've improved remarkably and I know have my own style.”
Ross Coppins-Brown
“Michelle is a very inspirational tutor. You are allowed to work at your own pace, and she understands and recognises the importance of a person-centred approach. She embraces each person's individual skills and needs. ”
Jenny Brent
“I have found Michelle's Lessons informative and fun too. She’s a great teacher, patient and encouraging, I’ve learnt a lot from her, which has really helped me improve my paintings.”
Lynda groves
“I have been attending Michelle's art classes for a number of years, she is a brilliant teacher, and I have learnt so much about paint mixing to portrait drawing. I was a complete novice when I started, but since then have gained a lot more confidence and would thoroughly recommend her classes.”
Jill Sawyer

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