Beginners in Acrylic Course

Have you never picked up a brush before or perhaps you started but feel you need help with the process?


Would you like to learn the key foundations to set you on the right path in painting and be able to paint bold, loose brush marks?

This beginner-friendly painting course is designed to guide beginners through the art of painting with ease. Starting with selecting the right materials, it covers essential tools and techniques to build a solid foundation.

You will learn about colour mixing, brush control, and key elements to create successful painting ensuring a deep understanding of painting fundamentals. Michelle has crafted each lesson to boost confidence and creativity, enabling you to achieve remarkable results every time you pick up a brush.

Bold Brush: A Beginners Course to Acrylic Painting

Lifetime access to a course that will encourage you to create beautiful vibrant paintings with bold loose brush marks.

Meet The Tutor

Hi. I’m Michelle Gibbs, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to this journey of creativity and expression through paint. With over 20 years of painting experience and more than a decade dedicated to teaching, my passion for art has been a long-standing affair that grows stronger with each brushstroke.

From the moment I picked up a paintbrush, I knew that art was more than just a hobby for me; it was a calling. Over the years, I’ve explored various mediums and techniques, but my heart always finds its way back to the vibrant and versatile world of acrylics. This medium, with its rich pigments and forgiving nature, has allowed me to express my visions in ways I never thought possible.

Teaching has been a rewarding extension of my artistic journey. Witnessing the transformation of my students, from hesitant beginners to confident artists, has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of my career. I believe that everyone has a unique artistic voice waiting to be discovered, and it’s my mission to guide you in finding yours.


In this course you will learn:

You will also get:

This course is ideal for:

Life-Time Access

You can take as much time as you need for this course and you can keep revisiting the lessons.


Self-directed exercises to complete in order to fully understand the lesson.

Lesson Templates

Lesson PDFs, colour mixing guides & drawing templates.

Lessons & Demonstrations waiting for you.....

I’ve been teaching since 2014. I’m so confident that you will love the course that if after 14 days you don’t feel you’ve learnt something new I will refund 100% of your money back.


Is this course for me?

Yes. If you are a complete beginner or would like to fill the gaps in your knowledge in painting than this course would most certainly suit you.

How long will I have access to the course for?

You will have life-time access to the course, it’s yours to keep.

I can’t draw, is this a problem?

You don’t need any drawing skills to take this course. I provide you will downloadable transfer lines for the demonstrations.

Can I use my own materials or do I have to use your recommended list?

You can certainly use your own materials. I will offer my recommendations but there is no need to go out and buy anything new if you already have it.



Can any ability level join?

Lessons are designed with complete beginners to intermediates in mind.

I use oil paint can I apply your lessons to this medium?

Whilst I teach using acrylics and some lessons are based around them you can use many of the principles with oils the only difference will be that you will have to wait between layers.

Can I download the lessons?

Due to the high definition of the videos they are to large for download.

Can I watch on any device?

Yes, you are free to watch lessons on any device you have.

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