What Materials to Buy When Using Oils

Whilst using the course I will be using I have put together a list of materials you will need if you are working using oil paints.

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What Are Oil Paints?

Oil paints are a type of paint that consist of pigments suspended in a medium made from linseed oil, a vegetable oil derived from flaxseeds. These paints are known for their slow drying time, which allows for a longer working time compared to other types of paints. The slow drying time also makes it possible to blend and manipulate the paint to create various effects, such as fine details and smooth, even layers. Oil paints are popular among artists for their versatility, luminosity, and rich, buttery consistency. They are also highly durable and long-lasting, making them a popular choice for fine art paintings that are intended to last for generations. The most common surfaces for oil painting include canvas, panel boards, and even metal and glass.

Materials Required

Here is a list of materials you would need if you are learning to paint in oils:

  1. Oil paint tubes
  2. Paint brushes (various sizes and shapes)
  3. Palette knives
  4. Canvas (either stretched or canvas panels)
  5. Solvents (for cleaning brushes and thinning paint)
  6. Paint thinner or white spirit
  7. Palette or mixing tray
  8. Easel (optional, but can make painting easier)
  9. Paint rag or paper towels
  10. Protective gloves (to protect your skin from solvents)

It’s important to note that while these materials are sufficient to get started with oil painting, you can also consider investing in additional items such as paint sets, canvases of different sizes, and various types of brushes as you progress in your painting skills.

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