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Painting Commission for Interior Designer

Before Christmas I completed the below commission for an interior designer in London which I really enjoyed painting. It was a huge canvas of 48x48inches and took up quite a bit of space in my studio. I just about managed to squeeze it in my sisters car to hand deliver it (being just before Christmas I was concerned about damages) It was an Abstract painting for a client of hers.

Large Abstract

I was thrilled to receive another message from the designer this month for another commission of the same size for a different piece (as below) an have just completed the work and am waiting for it to dry before packaging to send.

Interior Designer Commission

There is something very satisfying about working on such a large painting, there is more freedom in the brushmarks and it’s almost as though you are using your whole body to create the piece. The oil paints seem to slide across the canvas and the colours light up.

I used liquin original to help speed the drying times and I am now literally watching paint dry so I can send the artwork hopefully by Wednesday which is when the team are at the clients house.

Until nex time…..

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