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To Blend or Not to Blend

First of all, I wanted to wish you all a happy new year. Wow this year has flown by. I think it’s largely due to the fact I’ve been so busy transitioning my in-person workshops (which I still run) to creating an online community. More on that later.

This week I wanted to discuss the title above ‘To Blend or Not to Blend’ so for me this is a no-brainer – Not to Blend!

Why use bold brush marks?

It’s a personal choice but for me using bold brush marks creates energy in my work, it brings the painting alive by working in such a loose way. I’m a huge fan of the impressionists and it’s often where I draw inspiration from. Rather than blending, I’ll create multiple brush mark transitions from one to another.

By using bold brush marks you eliminate unnecessary detail, and working quickly and in a responsive way stops you from being fussy, the great thing about acrylic is that it’s a very forgiving medium so any mistakes can quickly be covered up and no one would ever know – unless of course it was x-rayed in years to come!

I also think the way you paint speaks volumes about the painter. I’m quite impatient and I don’t want to spend weeks on one painting, I like to get the paint down and bring it alive in hours. I also dress a bit like my paintings – bright, haha.

Try This:

Lay a mark down once and move on, use a larger brush and stop yourself from blending. You’ll be amazed at how much livelier your painting will look.

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