Vibrant Visions

Acrylic adventures for aspiring artists

Discover the secrets of acrylic, unlock new techniques and transform your paintings in this exciting and immersive 6-week online painting programme

Ready to create bold colour and a looser style?

Do you find yourself:

Creating paintings that lack energy and colour? or perhaps you struggle to get started and are overwhelmed with different aspects of painting.

How would it feel:

If you could enhance your knowledge of the elements that make a painting great and be able to embrace a more free approach, infusing your work with stunning, vivid colours?

6 Weeks To Success

Vibrant Visions - Acrylic Adventures for Aspiring Artists

“Join me on this immersive 6-week online painting programme where I’ll teach you how to develop your skills as a painter by incorporating new techniques to create exciting, vibrant paintings whilst loving the process of discovery and growth that it brings.”

Whether You Want To:

Develop a Practice

You had the foundations to paint any subject you wanted to and a process to follow.

Mix Vibrant Bold Colour

You had the knowledge to be able to mix beautiful vibrant colours that really pop.

Paint More Loosely

You stopped over-blending every time you painted and instead embraced a looser approach.

Create Depth in Your Work

By mastering the concept of value you will be able to create more depth.

Paint for Fun

Maybe you want to improve your painting because you simply enjoy it and paint for fun.

Sell your Work

You may want to build a portfolio to start selling your work.

You’re in the right place. I’m here to support you throughout this process.

Learn Bold Colour & Creative Loose Brushwork

Your are creative, you just need the right support!

Meet Your Art Tutor

I’m Michelle Gibbs. I’ve been painting for 20+ years and teaching in-person painting classes for 10+ years I’ve been empowering my students to create paintings they are proud of whilst enjoying the process.

I’ve been where you are and I completely understand all the frustrations that come with learning to paint or trying to improve.

I create fun, flexible painting lessons where you will learn to paint confidently with bold colours, live sessions, engaging discussions, and pre-recorded tutorials.

I will give you all the tools and processes you need to make painting more enjoyable as well as help you to boost your confidence and creativity.

An Immersive Course

Vibrant Visions is an immersive 6-week programme that has been designed to fast-track your success in painting. I’m here to help you create beautiful bold paintings and develop a creative practice that will completely transform your painting process.

A Comprehensive Course for Beginners & Intermediate Artists

This programme is designed with beginners, intermediate and those looking to develop their practice.


The support you need to transform your paintings


Fast-track your success with an immersive programme


Gain confidence in your painting process


Invest in yourself and make time for you

What My Student Say

What You'll Gain

Develop Your Skills



Module 1

Master the Foundations

Establish a solid foundation for painting any subject by mastering acrylics’ essentials—brush control, drying times, and streamlining your creative practice. You will learn strategies to harness the full potential of acrylics, transforming your art regardless of the subject.

Module 2

Unlock New Skills & Knowledge

Uncover one of the most crucial elements of painting: ‘value’ and the impact it has on your paintings. Gain transformative insights with essential tips and tricks, and delve deep into the nuances of understanding value, reshaping your artistic perspective.


Module 3

Bringing Subjects to Life

In this week’s sessions, I’ll guide you through each phase of painting this landscape, emphasising vibrant colours and expressive strokes. You’ll gain insightful techniques and a deeper understanding of the process.

Module 4

Unlock a World of Colour

Discover how to mix fresh, vibrant colours that pop, unlock the colour wheel’s secrets every artist must know, and deepen your colour knowledge to transform your paintings. Learn to blend beautiful greys and grasp colour terminology.

Module 5

Bringing Subjects to Life

In this week’s lessons, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step demonstration on how to paint a still-life using a split complementary colour scheme that we’ve learnt from week four. This will teach you the benefits of using a limited palette.

Module 6

Inspiration & Planning

In the final week, we will delve into the art of finding inspiration and how planning can save time. I will guide you through various strategies for discovering inspiration, effective methods for planning your paintings, and how to leverage technology to streamline and enhance this process.


Getting Started Lessons

Start with the Right Materials & Setup

These bonus lessons are specifically tailored for absolute beginners, ensuring you begin your artistic journey with the appropriate materials and setup.

Bonus Floral Demo

Bringing Subjects to Life

In this bonus lesson, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step demonstration on how to paint a floral using bold colour and loose brushwork.

Bonus Seascape Demo

Bringing Subjects to Life

In this bonus lesson, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step demonstration of how to paint this seascape using bold colour and loose brushwork.

Vibrant Visions is more than a's an experience.

Here’s what’s inside. Click below to review each module.

Welcome to the first week of the Vibrant Vision Programme, where we embark on a journey to master the foundational skills essential for painting in acrylic. This module is meticulously crafted to introduce you to the fundamental techniques and concepts that form the bedrock of your artistic practice. With a focus on painting, we delve into the reasons behind choosing a loose style, the technical aspects of brush and colour management, and the importance of preparation and process in creating compelling works of art. Each lesson is designed to build upon the last, culminating in a practical demonstration that brings all these elements together.

Module Highlights

  • Why Paint Loose: Discover the artistic and expressive benefits of adopting a loose painting style, encouraging freedom, fluidity, and a more intuitive approach to your artwork.
  • Loading Your Brush for Mixing: Learn the art of loading your brush correctly to achieve the perfect mix of colours, enhancing the vibrancy and depth of your work.
  • Board Prep and Image Transfer: Explore the essential steps in preparing your painting surface and transferring your designs, ensuring a smooth and successful start to every project.
  • Tips to Clean Fresh Colour: Gain insights into maintaining the purity and brightness of your colours, essential for creating vivid and striking designs.
  • Brush Control: Develop your skills in brush control, a crucial element for achieving the desired effects and precision in your paintings.
  • Understanding Drying Times: Understand the importance of drying times in the painting process, allowing you to work effectively with layers and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Creating a Process in Painting: Establish a structured painting process that promotes consistency, efficiency, and continuous improvement in your artistic journey.

Practical Demonstration: Cherry Painting

To solidify your understanding and application of these foundational skills, the module concludes with a Cherry Painting Demonstration. This hands-on experience will not only showcase the techniques covered but also inspire you to incorporate these lessons into your own creative process.

By the end of this module, you will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental techniques and concepts critical to painting in acrylics. Equipped with these foundational skills, you are now better prepared to express your creative vision with confidence and clarity. The knowledge and experience gained here will serve as a solid base upon which to build and refine your artistic abilities throughout your journey in the Vibrant Vision Programme.

In this introductory module, we’ll cover everything from the basics of brushes and acrylic paints to the preparation of your materials and work surface. Each lesson is structured to offer clear, comprehensive insights, ensuring you start off on the right foot.

Module Highlights

  • A Look at Brushes: Dive into the world of brushes, learning about the different types, shapes, and sizes, and their specific uses in acrylic painting.
  • What Are Acrylics: Gain an understanding of acrylic paints, their properties, and why they are a preferred medium for many artists.
  • Materials and Supplies List: Receive a detailed list of all the necessary materials and supplies you’ll need to begin painting with acrylics, ensuring you’re fully equipped.
  • How to Set Up Your Palette: Learn the art of organising your palette for an efficient and enjoyable painting experience, including tips on colour selection and mixing.
  • How to Clean Your Brushes: Discover effective methods for cleaning and maintaining your brushes to keep them in good condition and extend their lifespan.
  • Surface Options: Explore the various surface options available for acrylic painting, from traditional canvases to more unconventional choices, and learn how to select the best one for your project.
  • How to Stretch Paper: Understand the process of stretching paper, an essential skill for ensuring a smooth and stable surface for your paintings.

By the end of this module, you will be well-versed in the foundational aspects of acrylic painting. With a comprehensive understanding of the tools and materials at your disposal, you’ll be ready to embark on your painting projects with confidence. These lessons are not just about getting started; they’re about setting the stage for a fulfilling and successful artistic journey.

Embrace this exciting first step, and let your creativity flourish with the skills and knowledge gained from the Getting Started Module.


Welcome to the second week of my painting programme, where we delve into the concept of value, a fundamental element that many artists find challenging yet crucial for creating depth and form in their artwork. This module, “Unlocking Skills & Knowledge in Value,” is designed to demystify this essential aspect of art and provide you with the tools and techniques needed to master it. Understanding and applying value correctly can dramatically enhance the realism, dimensionality, and emotional impact of your paintings.

Module Highlights

  • What is Value: Begin with an exploration of what value means in the context of art. Learn to distinguish between different shades from light to dark and understand how they contribute to the overall composition of a painting.
  • Creating a Value Finder: Discover how to create your own value finder, a simple yet powerful tool that helps you assess and compare values in your subject matter, improving your ability to see and replicate varying degrees of light and shadow.
  • Value Capture Tool: Build a value capture tool that will enable you to translate the values you observe in real life or in photographs onto your canvas, ensuring accuracy and depth in your artwork.
  • Practising Your Value Knowledge: Engage in exercises designed to hone your skills in recognizing and applying value, enhancing your ability to depict three-dimensional forms on a two-dimensional surface.
  • Low Key and High Key Paintings: Dive into the concepts of low key and high key paintings, understanding how the dominance of dark or light values respectively can set the mood and emotional tone of your artwork.
  • How Value Creates Depth and Form: Learn the critical role of value in creating the illusion of depth and form within your paintings, enabling you to render more realistic and compelling compositions.
  • Wine Glass Value Study Demonstration: Participate in a monochrome value study of a wine glass, a practical demonstration that emphasizes the importance of value in achieving realism. This exercise will challenge you to apply your newfound knowledge in a focused study, reinforcing your ability to discern and replicate values accurately.

By the end of this module, you will have a thorough understanding of value and its pivotal role in art. You’ll be equipped with practical tools and techniques to accurately perceive and replicate values, laying the groundwork for more complex and nuanced paintings. The knowledge and skills gained in this module will empower you to create artwork with greater depth, form, and emotional resonance, elevating your artistic practice to new heights.

In the third week of our journey, we shift our focus towards infusing life into our subjects, with a particular emphasis on creating vibrant landscape paintings. This module is designed to expand your palette and brush techniques, enabling you to capture the dynamic essence of natural landscapes. Through detailed instruction and guided practice, you’ll learn to harness the power of colour and brushwork to evoke emotion and movement, transforming a static image into a lively scene.

Module Highlights

  • Embracing Vibrancy and Energy: Learn how to select and apply vibrant colours to your landscape paintings, infusing your work with energy and life.
  • Mastering Loose Brushwork: Discover the techniques for achieving beautiful, loose brushwork that adds character and movement to your landscapes, making them more engaging and expressive.
  • Creating Depth and Dimension: Understand how to layer colours and textures to create depth, enhancing the three-dimensional feel of your landscapes.
  • Two Additional Practice Templates: To reinforce your learning, you’ll receive two additional images and templates. These resources are designed to guide your practice, helping you apply the techniques you’ve learned to new landscapes, further refining your skills.

Practical Application

  • Vibrant Landscape Painting: The centrepiece of this week is the creation of a vibrant landscape painting. This exercise is designed to bring together all the elements you’ve learned, from colour selection and brush control to the application of energy and movement in your work.
  • Implementing New Techniques: Use the provided images and templates to practice bringing other landscapes to life. These exercises are crucial for honing your skills and integrating the techniques into your artistic repertoire.


By the end of this module, you will have developed the ability to breathe life into your landscape paintings, using vibrant colours and loose brushwork to create scenes brimming with energy and depth. The practical experience gained through the guided exercise and additional templates will ensure that you have a solid foundation for transforming any landscape into a dynamic and engaging work of art. This module is a significant step forward in your journey, equipping you with the skills to not only capture the beauty of the natural world but to do so with a newfound vibrancy and expressiveness.

Week Four marks a pivotal point in our painting programme as we delve into the captivating world of colour. This module is specifically designed to deepen your understanding and mastery of colour, a crucial element that brings life and emotion to your artwork. Through comprehensive lessons and hands-on activities, you’ll explore the intricacies of colour theory, learning how to create vibrant and exciting colours that elevate your paintings.

Module Highlights

  • Understanding Colour Bias: Learn about colour bias and its significance in mixing colours effectively, enabling you to achieve the exact hues you desire.
  • Mastering Colour Matching: Gain skills in matching colours accurately, an essential technique for replicating real-life scenes or enhancing your creative compositions.
  • Exploring the Colour Wheel: Receive a detailed explanation of the colour wheel, including its structure and how to use it to understand colour relationships and harmonies.
  • Creating Your Own Colour Wheel: Put theory into practice by creating your own colour wheel, a hands-on activity that solidifies your understanding of colour relationships.
  • Diving into Colour Temperature: Understand the concept of colour temperature and its impact on creating depth, mood, and spatial effects in your paintings.
  • Saturation Explained: Learn what saturation is and how adjusting it can affect the vibrancy and intensity of colours in your work.
  • Tints, Shades, and Tones: Discover how to create and use tints, shades, and tones to add variety and nuance to your colour palette.
  • Making Greys: Uncover the secrets to making greys and integrating them into your paintings to enhance realism, depth, and balance.
  • A Look at Colour Schemes: Examine different colour schemes and their use in creating cohesive and appealing compositions.
  • And much more

Practical Application

This week’s lessons are designed not only to expand your theoretical knowledge but also to provide ample opportunity for practical application. Each concept introduced will be accompanied by exercises or projects, such as creating a colour wheel or experimenting with colour mixing, to help you internalise and apply what you’ve learned.


By the end of this module, you will have unlocked a new realm of possibilities with colour, equipped with the knowledge and skills to infuse your paintings with vibrant, exciting hues. The comprehensive exploration of colour theory, combined with practical exercises, will empower you to manipulate colour with confidence and creativity. This newfound understanding will enable you to express your artistic vision more fully, bringing a dynamic burst of life to your work.

In Week five, we return to the theme of bringing subjects to life, this time through the intricate and rewarding practice of still-life painting. This module is designed to consolidate and expand upon the skills you’ve developed thus far, applying them to the nuanced world of still life. We’ll explore creating a still-life painting using a Complementary colour scheme as well as putting into practice our use of greys.

Module Highlights

  • The Art of Still-Life: Dive into the principles that make still-life painting a unique challenge and opportunity.
  • Techniques for Realism and Expression: Learn techniques to achieve both realism and expressive qualities in your still-life paintings, balancing accurate representation with artistic flair.
  • Colour and Light in Still-Life: Explore how to use a complementary colour scheme and how light and shadow can create depth and atmosphere.
  • Two Additional Practice Templates: To further enhance your learning, two additional images and templates will be provided. These are designed to allow you to apply the techniques and concepts learned to new subjects, reinforcing your skills and understanding.

Practical Application

  • Still Life Painting Project: The core of this week is a detailed still-life painting project. This exercise is an opportunity to apply all the techniques and insights you’ve gained, from colour theory to brushwork, in creating a still life that is vibrant and full of life.
  • Applying Skills to New Subjects: Use the provided additional images and templates to practice bringing other still-life subjects to life. These exercises are crucial for demonstrating how the skills you’ve acquired can be applied broadly, across various subjects and compositions.


By the end of this module, you will have a deeper appreciation for the subtleties and complexities of still-life painting. The skills and techniques you’ve practised will enable you to approach still life with a fresh perspective, capable of infusing static compositions with energy, depth, and emotion. This week’s focus on still life is not just about tackling a genre; it’s about enriching your overall artistic practice, showing how the principles of painting you’ve learned can enhance any subject you choose to explore.

As we enter the final week of our painting programme, we turn our attention to the crucial stages that bookend the painting process: preparation and preservation. This module, “Pre & Post Painting Planning,” is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to meticulously plan your paintings and ensure their longevity. From sourcing inspiring images to the final protective steps, this week is about refining your approach to the art-making process as a whole.

Module Highlights

  • Finding Images to Paint: Learn strategies for finding and selecting compelling images that resonate with your artistic vision and offer the potential for engaging paintings.
  • Planning Your Paintings: Dive into the planning process, which includes sketching, conceptualising, and visualising your final piece. Understand how to translate an image or idea into a coherent plan for painting.
  • Mastering Composition: Explore the principles of composition that can make or break a painting. Learn how to arrange elements in your work to create balance, focus, and visual interest.
  • Preserving Your Paintings: Gain insights into the final steps of the painting process, including how to varnish and preserve your work to ensure its durability and longevity.

Practical Application

This week’s focus is on integrating these pre and post-painting practices into your workflow, ensuring that each piece you create is well-conceived from the start and well-preserved at the end.


By the conclusion of this module, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the full painting process, from the initial planning stages to the final preservation techniques. These essential skills will not only enhance the quality and depth of your work but also ensure that each piece stands the test of time. As we wrap up the course, you are now equipped with a holistic view of painting, ready to approach your future projects with confidence, creativity, and a well-rounded skill set.

In this bonus module, we turn our attention to the delicate beauty of florals, focusing on infusing life into our subjects with an emphasis on vibrant floral painting. This module is tailored to broaden your palette and brush techniques, enabling you to capture the essence and vitality of flowers. Through comprehensive instruction and hands-on practice, you’ll learn to utilise colour and brushwork to convey emotion and movement, transforming a static floral subject into a lively, blooming masterpiece.

Module Highlights

  • Embracing Vibrancy and Energy: Discover how to select and apply vibrant colours to your floral paintings, breathing life and energy into each petal and leaf.
  • Mastering Loose Brushwork: Learn the techniques for achieving flowing, loose brushwork that adds character and dynamism to your florals, making them more captivating and expressive.
  • Creating Depth and Dimension: Gain insights into layering colours and textures to add depth to your florals, enhancing their three-dimensional appearance and the illusion of space within the composition.
  • Two Additional Practice Templates: To solidify your learning, you’ll receive two additional floral images and templates. These resources are crafted to guide your practice, enabling you to apply the techniques you’ve learned to new floral arrangements, further honing your skills.

Practical Application

  • Vibrant Floral Painting: The highlight of this module is the creation of a vibrant floral painting. This project is designed to integrate all the elements you’ve learned, from colour selection and brush control to incorporating energy and movement into your floral compositions.
  • Implementing New Techniques: Utilise the provided images and templates to practice bringing other floral subjects to life. These exercises are key to refining your skills and incorporating the techniques into your artistic repertoire.

By the end of this module, you will have cultivated the ability to infuse life into your floral paintings, using vibrant colours and loose brushwork to create compositions that are teeming with energy and depth. The hands-on experience gained through the main project and additional templates will ensure that you have a robust foundation for transforming any floral subject into a dynamic and captivating work of art. This module marks a significant advancement in your journey, arming you with the skills to not only capture the delicate beauty of florals but to do so with an enhanced vibrancy and expressiveness.

In this bonus module of our journey, we set our sights on the majestic and ever-changing seascape, focusing on capturing the unique energy and tranquillity of oceanic scenes. This module is specially designed to enrich your understanding of colour, light, and brushwork, allowing you to depict the serene yet dynamic nature of the sea. Through in-depth instruction and practical exercises, you’ll learn to employ nuanced colour gradients and brush techniques to create movement and depth, transforming a simple seascape into a captivating and immersive experience.

Module Highlights

  • Capturing the Ocean’s Essence: Learn to select colours that reflect the diverse moods of the sea, from the calm blues of a tranquil day to the dramatic hues of a stormy sky.
  • Dynamic Brushwork for Water: Master the art of using varied brushstrokes to mimic the movement of water, from gentle ripples to crashing waves, adding a sense of motion and life to your seascapes.
  • Creating Depth and Perspective: Understand the techniques for layering colours and incorporating elements like horizon lines and reflections to create depth, enhancing the realism and spatial dynamics of your seascapes.
  • Two Additional Practice Templates: To reinforce your newfound skills, you’ll receive two additional seascape images and templates. These are designed to guide your practice, allowing you to apply and refine the techniques you’ve learned across different marine environments.

Practical Application

  • Vibrant Seascape Painting: The centrepiece of this module is the creation of a vibrant seascape painting. This exercise is an opportunity to bring together all the techniques you’ve learned, from nuanced colour blending to dynamic brush control, embodying the energy and serenity of the sea in your artwork.
  • Implementing New Techniques: Use the provided images and templates to practice depicting various seascapes. These exercises are crucial for honing your skills and seamlessly integrating the techniques into your artistic repertoire.

By the end of this module, you will have developed the ability to capture the essence of the sea in your paintings, using a sophisticated palette and dynamic brushwork to create seascapes that resonate with energy and depth. The practical experience gained through the guided project and additional templates will ensure that you have a solid foundation for turning any seascape into a compelling and engaging work of art. This bonus module is a significant leap forward in your journey, equipping you with the skills to not only portray the majestic beauty of the ocean but to do so with an enriched sense of vibrancy and expressiveness.

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Who Is This Programme For?

You want to learn to paint

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“I’ve been to lots of Michelle’s painting workshops and found them really informative and fun too she’s a great teacher, patient and encouraging, I’ve learnt a lot from her which has really helped me improve my paintings” Lynda groves

One last thing....

Being an artist can be a solitary hobby, especially if you are surrounded by people who don’t really ‘get’ what it is you do – trust me I know, I’m the only creative one in my family!

This is one of the biggest reasons I created this programme and community group. I wanted to connect like-minded individuals who are all striving for the same goal – to create paintings they can be proud of.

Whether you are a complete beginner, a hobbyist or someone trying to improve your skills to maybe sell your work, whatever your reason you’ve come to the right place.

This programme was born out of my 20+ years as a professional artist selling her work and 10+ years teaching in-person weekly art classes so I’ve been able to see first-hand what it takes to succeed.

I’d love for you to join me on this journey and realise your potential.

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You most certainly can, the only difference will be that you will have to wait between layers.

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