Imagine....Painting Confidently whilst ENJOYING the Process

Discover the secrets of acrylic, unlock new techniques and transform your paintings in this exciting and immersive 6-week online painting programme

You love painting, BUT... You often don't know where to start or you start but something isn't quite working!

I know how you feel…. I’ve been there! You’ve read the books, watched videos and the artist makes it look so easy and yet when you try to put paint to canvas it just doesn’t look right.

Do You Find Yourself...

Are you churning out painting after painting with no real foundations or structure. Do you hope that the more you paint the better you’ll become?

What would it be worth to you if.....

Yep! you will be able to do all of this!

You are creative & when you have the right support....

  • You can spend more time PAINTING and less time worrying about whether you’re getting right
  • You’ll have more FUN than you ever thought possible – and begin creating paintings you can be proud of
  • Start seeing like an ARTIST
  • You can paint with CONFIDENCE!
  • SHARE the journey with like-minded people

Now imagine what would be possible if you took this time for yourself to learn new skills and discover the kind of success you can have with your paintings. I’ve spent years crafting these results and I can get you on the right path in a lot less time.

Learning to paint doesnt' have to be stressful

Improving your painting skills doesn’t have to be complicated.

With so much information out there it’s hard to know where to focus your attention. All the books and videos in the world aren’t going to help you unless you have a framework for your learning.

You don’t need to spend thousands on art education, you just need to learn specific steps and strategies that you can build on which will help you put it all together.

I’m a qualified tutor of adult education with over 10 years experience

Just a few examples of my in-person workshops. You will get the same support with me online – that I promise. The only difference is I can’t bring you a cup of tea!

“I would certainly, grade Michelle’s classes as 5 stars. Her knowledge of colour and techniques is very helpful.” Jenny Hartman


Vibrant Visions

“Join me on this immersive 6-week online painting programme where I’ll teach you how to develop your skills as a painter by incorporating new techniques to create exciting, vibrant paintings whilst loving the process of discovery and growth that it brings.”

Doors close soon so click below to avoid disappointment!

Meet Your Art Tutor

I’m Michelle Gibbs. I’ve been painting for 20+ years and teaching in-person painting classes for 10+ years I’ve been empowering my students to create paintings they are proud of whilst enjoying the process.

I’ve been where you are and I completely understand all the frustrations that come with learning to paint or trying to improve.

I create fun, flexible painting lessons where you will learn to paint confidently with bold colours, live sessions, engaging discussions, and pre-recorded tutorials.

I will give you all the tools and processes you need to make painting more enjoyable as well as help you to boost your confidence and creativity.

What you will learn


Short on Time? No problem, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS

Who is this program for?

That’s a great question! It’s perfect for you if you….

Limited Spaces Available

6 Week Programme

Life long access (founding member price)
£ 197
  • Weekly Q&A / Feedback Sessions
  • Pre-recorded Getting Started Lessons
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • 4 x Full-length painting demonstrations released throughout the programme
  • 6 Weeks of support from Michelle

I’m so confident that you will love the programme that if after 7 days of purchasing you change your mind I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

“Michelle has helped me a great deal in developing my art. Always supportive, she has not only taught me technique but encouraged me in trying new approaches, loosening up and exploring stylistically.” Joe Greenwood

By the end of my programme, you will be able to....

What makes my teaching different?


I can’t make the live lessons, does this matter?

No, you will still have access to all the same great content and you are free to ask questions within the Facebook group or directly to me.

How will I access the recordings?

The Q&A sessions will be inside the Facebook group. All lessons are inside the student portal.

I’m not on Facebook, can I still watch the lessons?

Some students have set up a Facebook account just for the community group. All lessons are inside a portal. I can also give you a link to the Q&A recordings for playback.

How many lessons do I get?

As well as all the ‘Getting Started’ lessons there are many other lessons for you to complete as well as 4 full-length painting demonstrations.

Can any ability level join?

This program is designed with beginners to intermediate in mind. Those who have either never painted before or those who have been painting for some time but would like help with their process.

I use oil paint can I apply your lessons to this medium?

You most certainly can, the only difference will be that you will have to wait between layers.

What happens when the 6 weeks ends?

You will still have access to all the course content within your account. The private Facebook group will remain open for a further two weeks.

Can I watch on any device?

Yes, you are free to watch lessons on any device you have.

Doors close soon so click above to avoid disappointment!

6 Week Programme

Life long access (founding members price)
£ 197
  • Weekly Q&A / Feedback Sessions
  • Pre-recorded Getting Started Lessons
  • Beginners getting started lessons
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • 4 x Full-vlength painting demonstrations released throughout the programme
  • 6 Weeks of support from Michelle

“I’ve been to lots of Michelle’s painting workshops and found them really informative and fun too she’s a great teacher, patient and encouraging, I’ve learnt a lot from her which has really helped me improve my paintings” Lynda groves

Just one of the painting you'll be creating


Short on Time? No problem, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS

Lesson structure & dates

Start date: TBC

Please do not worry if you can’t make the Q&As you will be able to submit your questions ahead of time to be answered.

Pre-Course: Discover the Essentials (for those new to painting)

  • Save £££ by starting with the right materials
  • Create the right set-up and workspace for success
  • Adopt the right mindset for success

Week One: Mastering the Foundations

  • Create professional-looking paintings with solid painting foundations
  • Discover simple steps to apply to all paintings no matter what the subject
  • Keys to creating clean colours
  • Understanding brushes and brush control
  • Getting the best from acrylics

Week Two: Unlock New Skills & Knowledge

  • Discover the most important element of painting and how to effectively use it
  • Learn key tips and tricks that will transform how you see your paintings
  • A deep dive into understanding value

Week Three: Bringing Subjects to Life

  • Learn how to apply your new skills to a landscape painting

Week Four: Unlock a World of Colour

  • Learn how to create fresh, vibrant colours that sing
  • Discover hidden truths about the colour wheel that every artist should know
  • Build knowledge around colour that will transform your paintings
  • Learn how to mix beautiful greys

Week Five: Bringing Subjects to Life

  • Learn how to apply your new skills to a still-life painting

Week 6: Pre & Post Painting Planning

  • Be inspired by new ways to plan your paintings
  • How to find inspiration
  • How to create a strong composition in the planning stages
  • Discover time-saving tips & tricks that will fast-track your success

As well as new lessons being unlocked weekly you will also have access to a further two full-length painting demonstrations including a portrait painting (4 Demonstrations in total).

One last thing....

Being an artist can be a solitary hobby, especially if you are surrounded by people who don’t really ‘get’ what it is you do – trust me I know, I’m the only creative one in my family!

This is one of the biggest reasons I created this programme and community group. I wanted to connect like-minded individuals who are all striving for the same goal – to create paintings they can be proud of.

Whether you are a complete beginning, a hobbyist or someone trying to improve your skills to maybe sell your work, whatever your reason you’ve come to the right place.

This programme was born out of my 20+ years as a professional artist selling her work and 10+ years teaching in-person weekly art classes so I’ve been able to see first-hand what it takes to succeed.

I’d love for you to join me on this journey and realise your potential.

Just click the button below and I’ll see you in our first weekly live.

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